How to Use the Xnspy Monitoring App for Tracking Any WhatsApp Number?

The popularity of instant messaging programs, particularly WhatsApp, has been skyrocketing. These apps allow users to connect via text messaging, voice communications, video calls, and other capabilities such as exchanging notes and files with other people on their contact list.

While many people utilize this tool for personal communication, some use it for business too. Many individuals are unaware that it is possible to hack into WhatsApp accounts and intercept these types of chats. And it makes it an unreliable and even dangerous form of communication, especially for kids and businesses.

But by using Xnspy to monitor suspicious links and texts, parents and businesses can keep kids and employees safe. Let’s see how the app helps safeguard them, prevents their accounts from being hacked, and tracks WhatsApp users.

Risks of WhatsApp Abuse

Kids are the primary target

Kids’ WhatsApp use needs to be kept safe, as they are one of the biggest targets of scams and fake news. Kids get heavily targeted because they are easy to manipulate, and hackers can dupe them into clicking on suspicious links, often disguised as links to download educational apps. When they click on the links, their devices get infected with malware and ransomware.

Hackers can make up long, winding stories that seem believable to kids’ imaginations and extort personal information such as home addresses or parents’ credit card numbers. These messages are usually sent in broken English, giving the impression that they were translated using Google Translate.

They can also become victims of bullying. Jealous kids can get a hold of their WhatsApp numbers and send them threatening and hateful messages, inciting violence. And kids do not disclose that they are being harassed or bullied, as they fear the bully will make them suffer even more.

There is also the problem of fake news. Groups exist on WhatsApp that spread fake news, creating hatred and a political divide. These groups can manipulate youngsters into adopting hateful rhetoric. And it can result in violent fear-mongering spewed over lies.

Businesses are at risk too

Because of the app’s popularity, businesses have begun to include it in their communication and marketing strategies. Companies that wish to access untapped markets and potential clients might use WhatsApp to accomplish this.

Enterprise risk teams, on the other hand, are dealing with issues ranging from information security to compliance as a result of WhatsApp security flaws. The top three digital hazards include malware, account compromises, and regulatory compliance issues. Using WhatsApp for business can be advantageous, but only if businesses are aware of digital hazards and have the required safeguards in place.

Another common attack involves attackers creating phishing websites to trick WhatsApp users into disclosing sensitive information. Users are prompted to enter phone numbers to connect to websites posing as WhatsApp’s web platform. They then use this number to send spam to innocent victims or to compare it to other publicly available data on the internet.

As these examples show, the types of WhatsApp virus attacks vary. One of the most significant WhatsApp security issues for security teams is the lack of control over the messages employees send and receive on the platform.

How does XNSPY solve the WhatsApp crisis?

Remote monitoring of WhatsApp chats and multimedia is possible with Xnspy as the app operates in stealth mode and can extract messages in the background. As soon as the program is installed on the target device, it begins uploading data to the user’s account, referred to as the dashboard.

Users can utilize this web gateway to track the devices they want to monitor. The Xnspy dashboard has access to WhatsApp tracking as well as other monitoring features. In addition, all discussions and files shared get automatically uploaded to the user’s account.

By remotely activating the screen recording feature on the target device, Xnspy also captures screenshots from other instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and Signal.

Xnspy’s WhatsApp number tracking feature shows the name and phone number of the sender. If the sender isn’t saved in their contacts, only the phone number gets shown. You can also delete the message directly from this screen through your dashboard, and it will get deleted from the phone. And by clicking on the name, you can read the complete thread history for that person.

Xnspy circumvents end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and captures screenshots rather than text strings. It allows the app to keep a visual record of all communication threads. The most current iteration of the app allows it to capture screenshots in greater depth of field and now has the option to display full-screen multimedia without slowing down the target device. It enables longer message threads and detailed pictures.

The Xnspy app shows all WhatsApp messages sent and received on the target device. But sometimes, the server load can cause a few seconds of delay before it shows up on your dashboard. Just refresh your browser and wait a few seconds. The messages will automatically appear once the dashboard reconnects to the server. The screenshots are preserved on the user’s dashboard even if the device owner deletes their chat history from each app or SMS thread.

Follow this step-by-step guide if you want to know how to track WhatsApp messages without touching the target phone using Xnspy

Step 1:

How to Use Xnspy Monitoring App for Tracking Any WhatsApp Number?

Once you have installed the app on the target device, log in to your Xnspy dashboard account using the credentials emailed to you after you bought the subscription to the app.

Step 2:

How to Use Xnspy Monitoring App for Tracking Any WhatsApp Number?

Click on Messenger from the drop-down menu on the left, which contains Xnspy’s tracking options. All the instant messaging apps supported by the monitoring app are displayed in this sub-list. You can also delete the videos directly from that screen.

Step 3:

Once in Messenger, select WhatsApp from the list of options.

Step 4:

How to Use Xnspy Monitoring App for Tracking Any WhatsApp Number?

You will now see all the messages sent and received, along with their dates and timestamps.

So by just following four simple steps, you can track any WhatsApp number using Xnspy and easily safeguard kids and employees from the dangers of WhatsApp. What a time to be alive!

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