Top 10 Educational Apps In The USA

Educational Apps in the USA: Because of this, it’s easy to access social sites or entertainment sites, or news sites. There is a unified platform for each field that can be accessed by anyone in the world.

Education also has seen many changes in recent decades with the start of digitization. Educational applications have been developed to encourage students of all ages to learn and explore more in the field and produce more flowers to make learning fun.

The e-Learning industry has multiplied in the last two decades. It continues to evolve with better accessibility and improved education applications that cater to students of all age groups’ requirements. Simultaneously, many of these mobile educational applications provided others’ paid services freely and evolved mostly on the ads displayed there.

Advantages of Educational mobile apps

There are countless advantages and the importance of mobile educational applications for students and school management. Educational applications will make it easier for students to learn things and remember them for a long time.

Educational applications are easier to understand and use than books and lectures that students attend in class.


Various Benefits Educational Apps are given below:

  • Students prefer apps

It is known to everyone that the current generation likes to spend their time on the phone; it is not necessarily what they will use. Still, they prefer to use mobile applications such as shopping, entertainment, gaming, etc. Some students typically do not like studies. But if we connect their tedious activity with an interactive activity, they would love to learn.

  • Leisure Hours Utilization

In their spare time, the children participate in watching endless television, browsing the Internet, or talking on the phone with their friends for long hours. Despite wasting their time, e-learning on a smartphone is the best way to use time efficiently. Kids can use their spare time to learn new things using a mobile application for education.

  • Reducing gaps

Advances in technology helped eliminate various defects that are present in the education system. One of the crucial issues is the interaction between teachers and parents.

Different applications and websites can be developed to bridge the gap between students, teachers, parents, and teachers. Students and parents will be told about any change in schedule or announcement.

  • 24/7 Availability

The school and special classes have limits on time for study. A child can study in a particular time slot at the school and tuition fees; they must clear their doubts.

Now, the implementation of education for students can help clear doubts at any time and in any place because it has no time limits and teachers’ needs.

There are many educational mobile applications available in the market. Therefore, the various school management systems consider educational applications’ development to get productive results with less investment.

So, below are the list of top Educational apps:

Educational Apps in the USA

Educational Apps in USA 1 Google Classroom

Google classroom is like a virtual classroom of sorts. This means that we can use it to send announcements, course creation seamlessly, start discussions, presentations, and classification of assignments, ask for feedback and answers, share resources, etc.

It is also easy to make an account on Google classroom. Teachers share the code with the class. And students can join by simply entering the code. This is all it takes to create a virtual classroom.

Features of Google Classroom

  1. Improved communication
  2. Improved organization
  3. Faster process of ranking
Easy AccessibilityDifficulty in Sharing
PaperlessNo Automatic Updates
Provides LeisureLimited Integration

Educational Apps in USA 2 edX

Well, if you have edX on your phone, nothing prevents you from achieving those dreams. edX brings these universities at hand. So no matter what you need to know, edX will be there for you at every stage of your way.


You can learn everything from edX. There are more than 2,000 of the best universities in EDX, such as computing, business studies, linguistics, engineering, etc. Professional certificates and academic credit you get from these courses will still help you build a professional career.

edX Features

  • Video Tutorials
  • Study material Handouts
  • Interactive quizzes
Accredited CertificatesLimited Topics
PartnershipsNo Course Structure
14-Day Return PolicyServer Problem

Educational Apps in USA 3 Khan Academy

Khan Academy always gets a place high on the list of best free educational apps for students. The mission of the application is to provide free education and world-class for all inquiring minds worldwide. And we must admit that they deliver quite impressively.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a unique way of driving knowledge into your brain. All the courses are in the form of video tutorials. Videos show a record of drawings on a virtual blackboard (like a professor giving a lecture). The narrator describes each lesson with these drawings.

Khan Academy Features

  • Learning in multiple languages
  • Monitoring progress
  • Practical exercises
Free and AccessibleLess Interactive
Wide Variety of Subjects AvailableLimited Exposure to Teaching Style
Learn at your own paceLimited Creativity

Educational Apps in USA 4 Duolingo

It takes a lot of patience and practice to learn new languages. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. If the learning techniques are not developed, we will quickly lose interest.

But Duolingo has made language learning a pleasure. It helps us learn several languages ​​like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, etc., in a fun and interactive way. It starts with the labeling of the base image games. As you will pass more levels, there will be many different types of attractive games that will help you to improve your vocabulary and grammatical skills.

You can also set daily goals. This app also tracks your performance to provide an overview. If you do well, you will XPs. More XPs you get, the more games interactive stories will be released to improve your reading and listening comprehension.

Duolingo Features

  • 30 languages
  • interactive stories
  • Discussion forum
  • Leaderboards competitions
  • language learning events
Free of CostFollows Pattern (previous tasks need to be done for the next lesson)
Good Clarity About TopicsLess Information about how apps work.

5. Remind

The learning group is a good practice to fill learning gaps among students. But it’s not always convenient to get more students to come together under one roof and study together.


Remember, the application is the ultimate answer to this problem. Remind helps us easier to stay in touch with our school community. In addition to students, the assembly includes teachers and parents.

Once you join the school community with a school or unique class code, you will receive regular updates on your class activities. We can also use Remember the message class, share photos and documents, submit assignments, and clear doubts with friends, both individually and collectively.

Remind Features

  • Share photos, flyers, leaflets and
  • Translations in 70+ languages ​​cat
  • Instant messaging
There is no need to download an app to attend a meeting.Limit of only 140 Characters per message.
Students can have up to 10 different classes.No frequent updates on the app.

6. Photomath

Mathematics has always been a confusing subject for many students. No matter what age you are, mathematics can be an obstacle to facing challenges, for many learners.

Well, those days are over now. Now everyone can learn to solve complex mathematical problems very quickly using an application called Photomath. Many statistics have Photomath listed as one of the best learning apps for students.


The learning process in Photomath is quite simple. You take a photo of written questions by hand or printed. Then the application itself teaches you how to solve these issues step by step explanations and instructions.

Photomath Features

  • Scan printed/written problems at hand
  • Several methods of resolution
  • Animated instructions
  • Interactive graphics
  • Scientific Calculator
  • No need Internet
No Internet RequiredLong Installation Process
Smart Calculator PresentPremium Content Visible only after Subscription.

7. SoloLearn

The coding and programming scope is more comprehensive than ever. If there were no coding, we have not many tech geniuses like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc. in our world.

SoloLearn is virtually a paradise for coding lovers. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, soloLearn can get your juices flowing coding with its vast collection of free coding tutorials through languages ​​like Java, Python, C ++, fast, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, And so on.


Application development is an area where there is a constant demand for coders. These languages ​​are the basis of several development frameworks for mobile applications. So if you can learn them, job opportunities will be pouring in from all directions.

SoloLearn Features

  • An interactive community of coders
  • Tutorials on the latest trends coding
  • Free mobile code editor
Completely FreeCommon Languages Only Covered
Offline Mode Available for Mobile appsLimited Learning for Experienced

8. Quizlet

Quizlet offers several effective ways to make learning easier and faster. Each method has other ways to understand your desired topics.

The use of memory cards is another definition of quality Quizlet. Flashcards are promoting active reminders, and the functional stimulation of memory processes during the learning process. It is one of the most powerful techniques of learning there.

Quizlet provides millions of flashcards ready for use in the application. You can even create flashcards and share them with other students. Quizlet also contains many gaming activities to refresh what you have learned. The application provides constant reminders of study progress checkpoints along the way.

Quizlet Features

  • Practice tests
  • Games of study for standardized tests
  • Custom images and audio to enhance learning
Works on phones, tablets, ChromebooksMore variations of how to review
Easy to make quizzesStudents can be distracted by frequent advertisements.

9. Kahoot

Interactive quizzes can significantly accelerate the learning process. Students feel an inexplicable pleasure when they get the right answers. In this regard, Kahoot is one of the best learning apps for those who prefer learning quizzes.

Kahoot has quizzes ready to use on a subject. So you choose one topic and join quizzes live with other players. The application also allows you to quickly create your quizzes and challenge your friends to compete with you.

You can even use Kahoot for quiz competitions offline. The installation is quite simple. The playmaker or teacher creates a contest on Kahoot and shows a whiteboard or interactive projector. And players join the quiz by using a PIN and answering questions on the application itself. In the future, each contest will be like that. Wouldn’t it be exciting?

Kahoot Features

  • Easy creation of the game
  • Host live games on large screens
  • Play with live participants 2000+
Easy to useOnly Multiple Choice Available
Give Real-Time ResultsInternet Mandatory
Engages StudentsWorks Slowly

10. Udemy

Udemy is an excellent learning app for students. It has over 130,000 video tutorials for courses ranging from technology and business to personal development courses such as drawing, writing, yoga, etc.

Another exciting thing is that we also teach these topics at our own pace. If you feel stuck in a few lessons, you can ask questions and clear your doubts with students and teachers.

Udemy Features

  • Expert instructors
  • Discussions
  • Creator survey
  • Interactive learning
AffordableNon-Accredited Certificates
Lifetime AccessQuality Of Content May Vary
Free Courses Also AvailableFewer Practical Opportunities


These were some of the best free educational apps that offer personalized and engaging learning experiences for students. The impact of educational applications also encouraged many people to hire mobile app developers to integrate their platforms with useful educational applications. Who would have thought learning would be this easy? With technology, E-learning has played a significant role in the education industry, and it will surely help students a lot in their careers. Especially as we can see this in the COVID-19 pandemic- it is helping millions of students continue with their studies with these apps.


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