How To Turn Off Xbox One Controller: A Complete Guide

How To Turn Off Xbox One Controller

How to switch off an Xbox controller for Project xCloud and PC when it’s linked via Bluetooth Turning off Xbox One controllers can be convenient, whether you are taking a break from gaming or simply watching anything on your Xbox One via an app and want to save your controller’s battery charge. You should know … Read more

How To Fix PlayStation to error code ce 37813 2?

error code ce 37813 2?

What is PlayStation error code-37813-2? PlayStation error code-37813-2 is an example of a critical mistake that you might have made with your Network. For instance, while playing sometimes, you might have faced ps4 wifi connection problems. PS4 error code ce-37813-2 typically happens when there is a problem with network connections, notably in the LAN network, … Read more

The Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse: Review

The Redragon M602: Review

How good is Redragon m602? the redragon m602 review: You should know that keyboards, mouse, and headsets from Redragon are frequently good value for the money. Although they may not always be as good as more expensive ones, they can provide excellent value for money. Therefore, it is good to know about their product categories … Read more

How To Setup 3 Monitors In Windows 10

How to setup 3 monitors in windows 10 So far, it’s common to set up a dual-monitor on your computer because multiple tasks on a single screen are extremely limited. Then, you might ask: How many monitors can Windows 10 support? You can have multiple monitors, for example, three, four, five, or six, which is … Read more