How To Connect A PS3 Controller To A PC?(Updated)

The Dualshock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3 is not the most accessible pad to get operating on a computer. The Dualshock 3 incorporates pressure-sensitive analog face buttons, which are not found on even the best PC controllers. As a result, the Dualshock 3 is the ideal controller for playing PS2 games on the PCSX2 emulator.

Without the analog buttons, Metal Gear Solid 3 does not help you play. If you prefer the feel of Sony’s previous controllers to the revamped Dualshock 4, this controller is the best choice If you are aware of connecting ps3 controller to pc, you can have a fantastic gaming experience. If you connect ps3 controller to pc, then using an open-source utility called ScpToolkit, is the best way to get your PS3 controller operating.

Are you aware of how to use a PlayStation 3 controller on a computer?

Are you aware of how to use a PlayStation 3 controller on a computer?

The DualShock 3 should instantly function with the Steam client and any PC game that supports gamepads once correctly installed. If you

r DualShock 3 controller is connected to a PS3, disconnect the PS3 from its power supply first to avoid syncing issues. Using a mini-USB cable, connect the DualShock 3 to your computer. Along with ps3 controller Windows 10, you should also use ScpToolkit Setup.exe, which should be downloaded and run. It should be done automatically. You should download and install the Xbox 360 controller drivers if you are using Windows 7.

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All you need to do is select the big green button above Run Driver Installer on the window that opens up once the ScpToolkit finishes installing. All you need to do is check the boxes next to Install DualShock 3 driver and Install Bluetooth driver on the next screen (if you have a Bluetooth dongle plugged in). The PS3 controller on pc should be unchecked, and you should install the DualShock 4 driver and do not have a Bluetooth dongle, uncheck the Install Bluetooth driver. Select the arrow next to it. To install DualShock 3 controllers, go to the dropdown menu and select your PlayStation 3 controller. If you are using a Bluetooth dongle, click the arrow next to it.

To install Bluetooth dongles, all you need to do is go to the dropdown menu and select your Bluetooth device. Install should be chosen, and choose Exit when you’re done. In your system tray, the ScpToolkit Settings Manager will display, and you can use a PS3 controller on Windows 10 to add another device and select it.

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How to pair your PS3 controller with your phone via Bluetooth?

How to pair your PS3 controller with your pc via Bluetooth?

If you do not want to deal with the wires and follow all of the Bluetooth installation instructions above, you should be able to unplug the controller, and it will sync through Bluetooth within a few seconds. When it happens, you will see a notification in the system tray using Dualshock 3 on pc. This also works after a reboot. If you let ScpToolkit start with Windows, you should connect to your PS3 controller, and it will be detected right away. Unplug the controller once the LED has turned on, and it will be linked through Bluetooth again.

Installation instructions for ScPToolkit


Step 1

You should start by installing the four Microsoft packages from the software mentioned above. You will also need to install the Xbox 360 controller driver if you are using Windows 7. It’s already included in Windows 8 and 10, and you can use ps3 controller PC instantly.

Step 2

Connect your Dualshock 3 to your computer using a mini-USB cord. You can now get to work on making it function, and you will come to know how to play with a PS3 controller on pc. If you want to use the controller wirelessly, make sure you have a Bluetooth dongle plugged in or that your motherboard supports Bluetooth. You will need a Bluetooth 2.0 or higher dongle that supports Enhanced Data Rate, according to ScpToolkit (EDR).

Step 3

Run the ScpToolkit installer after downloading it. It would be best to look for a menu of all the options to install after accepting the conditions and selecting your install location, as shown in the screenshot above. To begin the installation, click Install. Make sure the ScpToolkit Bluetooth Pair Utility option is checked while installing Bluetooth. You can also connect the PS3 remote to pc.

Step 4

ScpToolkit will be installed in about 30 seconds, and you will see this screen with a big green button that says Run Driver Installer. We want to accomplish this because this is a new installation, and you should toggle the switch.

Step 5

Although this screen appears scary, it is pretty simple. All you need to do is select the drivers you wish to install by checking the boxes. In this scenario, you want to double-check that the Install Dualshock 3 driver option is selected, or it should be by default. To see a dropdown list of USB devices connected to your computer, click the arrow next to “Choose Dualshock 3 controllers to install.” Check for the PlayStation 3 controller in the list and know how to use a wireless PS3 controller on pc.

Step 6

You need to follow the SCP Toolkit’s installation instructions. As it recognizes your hardware, you can see many pop-ups on the side of your screen. If you go to the bottom of the log, you should see “Dualshock 3 USB Driver installed” and “Bluetooth Driver installed” if you wanted to, indicating that the installation was successful. Click Exit if everything went smoothly, and you will get the answer can I use a PS3 controller on PC?

Step 7

ScpToolkit will appear as an icon in your system tray once it has been installed. ScpToolkit Settings Manager can be found in your Start Menu. Disabling rumbling, altering analog stick dead zones, and other options are available here. You should be able to leave the majority of these options alone.

ScpToolkit comes preinstalled with Windows and includes several sound effects that you may find annoying. To connect my PS3 controller to pc, you should uncheck “Enable notification sounds” in the Sound settings tab to turn them off. The PS4 has snatched the spotlight from the PS3, and it won’t be long until the PS5 takes over. That does not mean you should get rid of your PS3 or your controllers just yet. Even if you prefer to play on your PC, you can still make good use of your PS3 controllers.

How can you connect your controller to your computer and turn it on?

How can you connect your controller to your computer and turn it on?

If you want to know how to get the PS3 controller to work on pc, you need to connect the controller’s USB charging cable to the controller’s narrow end and one of your computer’s USB ports with the large end. To turn on your controller, click the “PS” button in the middle of it. The position of USB ports varies based on the computer you’re using. Check the sides or rear of your computer’s CPU (desktop) or the back of the shell if you can’t find the USB ports (laptop). If you use a wireless dongle to connect your controller, you may need to install the dongle drivers first. After plugging in the dongle, make sure to follow the on-screen prompts to do so.

How to set up a PS3 controller on a PC Windows 10

Step 1

Go to the webpage for the SCP Toolkit. SCP Toolkit provides a PC-friendly interface through which you may connect your PS3 controller, allowing you to utilize it with PC game services such as Steam.

Step 2

Select “ScpToolkit Setup.exe” from the dropdown menu. It’s the first link on this page beneath the “Assets” header. This will cause the toolkit to download to the default download location on your computer (e.g., the desktop).

Step 3

You won’t notice the green “Latest Release” sticker on the left side of the page if you’re on an out-of-date version page. This will help you to know how to set up a PS3 controller on pc.

Step 4

Double-click the setup file for the toolkit. It has a black PS3 controller as its icon. You can open downloaded files from your “Downloads” folder on your web browser by default.

Step 5

ScpToolKit should be installed. If the toolkit says you are missing “prerequisites” to execute the software, keep clicking next until the prerequisites start to download. Otherwise, install ScpToolKit using the methods below:

Step 6

Select “I agree to the License terms and conditions” from the dropdown menu, and this will help you to configure ps3 controller for PC.

Step 7

Next should be selected.

Step 8

Install should be selected.

Step 9

If prompted, select yes.

ScpToolkit Driver Installer

ScpToolkit Driver Installer should be double-clicked. It is in the same file that you used to install the SCP Toolkit. It has a USB cable icon as its icon. Uncheck the option that says “Install DualShock, 4 Controller.” You do not need to install PS4 drivers because you are installing a PS3 controller such as a DualShock 3 controller using a PS3 controller on pc. If your controllers are wired (e.g., you are not utilizing a dongle, uncheck the box next to “Bluetooth.” Unchecking a box next to everything you aren’t using is a solid rule of thumb here.

How to set up a PS3 controller on pc Windows Vista

If you are running Windows Vista and want to know how to connect a PS3 controller to a PC, you need to go to the middle left side of the screen and tick the box next to “Force Driver Installation.” Select “Choose DualShock 3 Controllers to Install” from the dropdown menu. On the right side of the window, you’ll find this choice.

This is where you will choose your controller. Select “Wireless Controller” from the dropdown menu. The option labeled “Wireless Controller (Interface [number])” is your PS3 controller, with the number referring to the USB port to which the controller is connected.

How can you connect a PlayStation 3 Controller to a Computer if you are using a non-wired controller?

How can you connect a PlayStation 3 Controller to a Computer if you are using a non wired controller

Suppose you are using a non-wired controller for ps3 controller on PC Windows 10. In that case, you need to go to the “Bluetooth” area above the “DualShock 3 Controllers” dropdown box and pick the USB device you’re using to make the connection easier. After that, Install should be selected. SCP Toolkit will then begin installing the drivers for your controller, which should take less than five minutes on any compatible PC. You will hear a confirmation noise after the installation is finished. Your controller’s drivers have now been installed, and you are ready to use your controller with PC games.

Final thoughts

Aside from collecting dust in your shrine to now-defunct and outmoded consoles, an old PlayStation DualShock 3 controller could be just what you need to play new and old PC games, especially if the good old mouse and keyboard configuration is proving tedious. It is also a unique upcycling solution if you want to connect DualShock 3 to pc. In practice, this means that the analog buttons are pressure-sensitive, which is a feature that neither the DualShock 4 nor the Xbox controllers have. Unfortunately, unlike Microsoft’s proprietary Xbox controller, it is not as simple as plugging it in via USB cable. Still, it’s well worth the effort to add it as a Windows 10 PS3 controller.

All you need to do is gather your old PlayStation 3 controller and the mini-USB cable used to charge it before you begin. If you want to hook up the PS3 controller to a PC and still have a PlayStation 3, make sure it is turned off before continuing, as it may interfere with the process.

Sony PlayStation 4 has become a gaming and on-demand entertainment hit, packed with remarkable features and a powerful processing capability. However, suppose you want to maximize your Sony PS4 entertainment experience. In that case, you need to use a PS4 VPN or proxy server because, despite superior technology, online gaming issues such as lag, latency, and ping can impair the whole gaming experience using the PS3 controller on Windows 10.

The DualShock 3 is natively supported by Steam, so you can plug it in and configure it using the Big Picture mode Controller settings menu. On the other hand, Steam does not support the DualShock 3’s gyro controls or (more significantly!) its analog face buttons.


How to use ps3 controller on PC?

First, get the MotioninJoy driver and install it. After that, start the installation application and the DS3 Tool. With a mini-USB-to-USB connection, connect the PS3 controller to the USB port and select the Driver Manager tab.

How to connect the PS3 controller to the PC via Bluetooth?

You can connect ps3 controller to pc via Bluetooth using a mini-USB cable and connect the DualShock 3 to your computer. Plug your wireless Bluetooth dongle if your computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth capabilities. ScpToolkit Setup.exe should be downloaded and run. It should download all of the additional files it requires automatically, so it follows the prompts.

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