How Do You Stop Your Phone From Overheating?

As mobile phones have become an indispensable component of both our personal and professional lives, they must continue to be in pristine shape and continue to perform faultlessly. People cannot go even a single day without using their phones for something, whether it’s binge-watching their favorite movies and shows, playing games, reading articles or e-books, socializing over applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, or simply making calls for personal or professional reasons. That being said, overheating has emerged due to people constantly using their devices.

Indeed, one of the most prevalent issues they face today is that our phones get too hot. And because it can lead to various significant problems in the device, such as rapid battery drain, automatic restarting, forced shutdown, and even damage to the screen, one should not take it lightly because it might cause these issues. They should take the same care to keep their bodies from overheating as they do to keep their phones safe.

Why does the phone get heated?

Why does the phone get heated?
Phone Overheating

Excessive use of the phone even though the vast majority of manufacturers develop their products to meet the requirements of the market’s existing customers. When playing video games or viewing movies for long periods, a smartphone might get hot to the touch. Because a cell phone is a piece of technology, it will inevitably become too hot to touch after some time has passed.

Too Many Processes

One of the primary contributors to the widespread problem of overheating on mobile devices is the practice of multi-processing. You are currently watching a video while downloading a video game simultaneously. Additionally, all network-related services on your device, such as WiFi and Bluetooth hotspots, are turned on, and background applications are operating as usual. This multitasking can be a little too much for your device to manage, and it might cause it to overheat as a result.

Insertion of liquid 

The presence of liquid or moisture is often to blame for your phone’s quick rise in temperature. Older models may not have been designed to handle the big call and data transfer volumes in the first place.

Suggestions on how to keep my phone from overheating and how to keep your phone from heating up

Is there a mobile phone is overheating solution that you can apply to prevent your gadget from unexpectedly shutting down or possibly becoming damaged? It is a question that a significant number of people who use smartphones regularly have been asking for some time now because their gadgets frequently overheat.

Turn off any features and functions on your phone that aren’t necessary

Avoid overheating your mobile device by disabling Bluetooth and GPS. These two functions drain the battery quickly and double your processor’s speed. Find ways to slow the iPhone battery drain. Remove programs using your phone’s map or Bluetooth. You can check for such apps. To avoid your cell phone overheating, don’t allow these apps to use your GPS or any other services. Without your knowledge, they may continue to operate in the background.

Put an end to programs that aren’t being used

Most of them open many smartphone apps without contemplating the impact on their processors. If you have many background apps, the processor will need more power. A third-party program should be used instead of them, as they should be closed.

Invest in genuine batteries

Android devices with detachable battery packs are more likely to get hot, mainly if you use a battery pack that is not from the original manufacturer. Voltage fluctuations might harm the CPU and RAM if the batteries are old or fake. Using the wrong battery can cause the phone to overheat and damage the gadget. Many Android users use cheap battery packs. The battery expands in the heat, breaking the device.

Minimize game time

Even the greatest cell phones on the market today have the potential to overheat when they are used for extended periods. Games with high graphics have a greater chance of using up most of your charge and causing your processor to run at twice the average speed. Even if you can still play your favorite games, you should give your device some time to cool down after a few hours of use. It will not only help your battery last longer but also prevent long-term damage to your smartphone that could otherwise render it inoperable.

Take breaks

Not only can your phone’s battery die quickly if you continuously use your 4G connection for several hours, but the device might also become quite warm. To help your smartphone cool down, they recommend limiting your data usage for at least an hour or two. In addition to that, ensure that you turn off your mobile data while you are there.

Get the latest updates

Regular software upgrades are something that mobile phone carriers do to assist in keeping their products in good operating order. If you haven’t upgraded or updated yours yet, it may interfere with the function of your smartphone, which in turn might cause the battery to drain more quickly. Fortunately, you can check your phone’s operating system to see if it needs to be updated to keep up with the latest technology. Since everything is functioning as it should, this will also help reduce the likelihood of it getting too hot.

When necessary, enable WiFi as well as any other features

Enabling specific services only when needed might be another helpful strategy for preventing your phone from overheating for an extended period of time. For instance, if you use your mobile device while driving or traveling, you should keep it set to the 2G mode to conserve as much of the device’s battery life and other resources as possible. Please turn on your wireless network connection and other options only when required.

Get some maintenance done on your device

If you’ve tried all the aforementioned ways and your phone is still overheating, return it to the manufacturer while the warranty is still valid. They’ll analyze your device to determine why it’s uncomfortable to hold. Today’s cell phones are powerful, whether you buy them new or used. Limited help. Follow the tips above to avoid overheating. These ensure the equipment’s longevity. Follow these steps to avoid holding a hot gadget.

There are six methods for lowering the temperature of an overheated phone.

1. Use a fan or blow on your phone to cool it down

It might seem funny, but blowing on or fanning your phone can be helpful in some situations. When your phone is becoming too warm, a breeze can help cool it down in the same way that using a fan can keep your body cool.

2. Avoid drastic changes in temperature

If your device is overheating, you might be tempted to put it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes, but this is not something that they would advocate doing. The components of your phone will experience strain if you subject them to temperatures that are too high, and they will also be at risk of gathering moisture, which is a guaranteed way to destroy your device.

3. Remove the case and keep it aside

In most cases, if your phone is growing too hot to handle, it’s due to the case it’s being held in. While phones are designed to dissipate heat, subjects can trap it. If you want your phone to cool down more quickly, you should remove the case from it.

4. Turn off Bluetooth

If the Bluetooth® feature on the phone is turned on but not linked to any other device, the phone will continually look for something to which it may connect. To the touch, the phone may get heated.

5. Turn on Airplane mode

If your phone has a weak signal or none, its hunt for a connection may cause it to work excessively hard, causing it to become hotter than usual.

6. Keep your phone separate from your other technology

Putting your mobile device, tablet, and laptop all in the same bag will make it more likely that they may overheat. Therefore, you should keep them separated so that they can better maintain their temperature.


Smartphones and tablet computers, as a precautionary measure, are built to power down automatically when exposed to temperatures too high. Wait for it to cool down from its extraordinarily high temperature before you may put the preceding into action. In addition to overheating, there are a large number of apps that can be used to verify whether or not your Android device is operating correctly.


Is it bad if my phone overheats?

Overheating of the phone indicates that the battery will lose its ability to store energy efficiently. Also, overheating may cause long-term damage to your battery. When the battery experiences extreme temperatures, it causes your phone to die faster.

What to do with a hot battery?

To cool down a hot battery, you need to keep the battery in an outdoor location for a minimum of 24 hours. Make sure to keep the battery at least 15 feet away from any combustible items.

Can overheating damage a SIM card?

There are possible permanent, harmful effects of phone overheating. It can cause lasting damage to the battery, SIM card, and other crucial parts inside your phone.

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