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Are you a movie lover who loves to watch movies and TV shows online? Do you like to find new titles, read fair reviews, discuss episodes, rate movies and TV series, chat, and enjoy with other movie lovers? If so, you must check out DosMovies. It is the best social movie network that will enable you to handle your movies and TV shows simply. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you should know about DosMovies. So, let’s start.

What are DosMovies?

DosMovies is a free social movie network that allows users to post fair reviews, discuss episodes, rate movies and TV series, chat, and have fun. There are more than 80,000 movies and 10,000 TV show titles, more than 250,000 reviews, and thousands of forum posts available in the database of DosMovies.

The members of the site can create an unlimited playlist, watch lists, and organize their favorite collections. The site also allows you to move your movies or TV shows from one list to another and use flexible sorting.

DosMovies also allows you to watch movies and TV series online. If you use DosMovies, you do not need to be worried about downloading or rating your favorite movies or TV series. You will be able to discuss your favourite movies and TV series in the community forum on DosMovies.

The website allows users to footer movies with the help of a robust browsing system as per various parameters like year of release, nation, genre, and IMDb rating. Then the users will be able to sort out the results according to different criteria like title, views, rating, year, and IMDb rating.

Users will also locate the movies easily as per their interests and tastes. The website comes with a wide range of features that enable users to interact with one another and exchange views on movies and TV series.

The website allows users to add friends, have private cats, and publish messages on their walls that may contain videos or images.

How will you download the DosMovies app?

How Will You  Download the DosMovies App?

If you want to download the DosMovies app, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • You have to first download the DosMovies app.
  • As soon as the download is completed, you need to go to Security and then Settings.
  • Then you need to turn on unknown sources.
  • Then you need to locate the APK file on your device.
  • Then you need to start the app you have downloaded.
  • Then you need to follow the instructions after downloading the file.


The pros of DosMovies are as follows:

  • There are a lot of reviews and forum entries, as well as a sizable database of movies and TV shows.
  • There are a lot of resources and tools available for discovering and learning about new stuff, along with an outstanding browsing system and various filters and sorting choices.
  • It has flexible privacy controls that allow users to personalize particular social features privately.
  • Social tools allow users to interact with each other and exchange views about movies and TV series.
  • The tool gives email alerts and the latest TV show schedule.
  • The site allows users to share links to streaming websites and watch movies online.


The cons of DosMovies are as follows:

  • Some movies and TV shows are not accessible.
  • Some comments or reviews are slanted or dishonest.
  • You may face privacy issues if you do not use proper privacy settings to protect your details and are not careful when sharing sensitive information.

What are the features of DosMovies?

The features of DosMovies are as follows:

  • This is an online movie streaming site that allows users to watch a pool of movies and TV shows free of cost.
  • The site is very easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface, and it allows you to search for your favourite movies or TV shows to get access to them quickly and instantly.
  • The site allows users to watch a pool of movies and TV shows with old and new collections.
  • This is a compact social media system that creates its users.
  • The site often uploads exclusive movies and TV shows to stream and watch.
  • There is no interruption, like ads or pop-ups, and the site allows you to stream free of charge.

How to watch DosMovies.org?

You may stream DosMovies.org in two ways. In the first method you need to enter the keyword, DosMovies Stream in the search field and then in the second method you need to use the link DosMovies.org.

You should know that it is completely safe to stream and watch. But for additional safety, you should use a VPN that will allow you to watch from this site without discussing your identity. You may watch DosMovies on iOS, Android, Desktop and many more devices.

Why will you watch movies on DosMovies.com?

We all know that dosmovies.com has a simple, easy-to-use interface. But besides this, there are a lot of reasons to watch on the DosMovies website. The most significant reasons are given below:

Require Registration

You have to register yourself to avail yourself of the services of the website. This enables the users to save themselves from security issues.

Enormous community

There are nearly 350,000 users on DosMovies.com, and it is the largest platform.

 Active Forum

It has an active forum that enables the users to ask questions, communicate and share their views about the movie titles as well as different things from the site all across the world.

Massive content library

It has a comprehensive movie library, and the website allows users to stream a colossal video content library from where they can search for titles in the 25 genres. You may also watch TV shows from the platform. There are 80000 movies and 11000 TV series available on this platform.

A wide range of Genres

There are 25 genres on this streaming site: action, adventure, animation, biography, drama, comedy, horror, history, documentary, fantasy, music, war, sci-fi, mystery, wisdom, romance, reality-TV, sport, thriller.

Chat & Playlist

The Site allows you to maintain your playlist and chat with friends and also you may listen to fellow users to add vigour to your streaming experience as well as give ideas. The platform is open to its users and updated daily.

Is DosMovies Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to watch movies on DosMovies. However, it is not a legal website to watch movies online. The DosMovies has also closed down various websites but for each one closed down a new one is developed and launched.

The website has been serving users for a long time. But it has become popular recently as it keeps uploading the latest episodes of TV series and movies. There is an outstanding selection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies on this website. So, if you love to watch TV shows and movie series this is the ideal website for you.

We know that any pirated website is always unsafe. You will find a lot of ads there and if by any chance you click on them your device might be infected with a virus. That is why we are recommending you not to visit pirated websites. Though those websites have a lot of advantages, they also create a lot of issues.

On the other hand, DosMovies provides an extra layer of safety for the users. It is completely safe to use and you do not need to be worried about the device.

Is DosMovies legal?

No, DosMovies is not legal. Downloading movies from the DosMovies website is completely illegal and against the law. If you do so you have to pay severe penalties. When you visit these sites you will find a lot of ads. You may also find a lot of pop-up ads.

That is why if you click them malicious software programs can be installed in your system. You Austen might be infiltrated by unknown bots, malware, and adware through these ads. So, you need to be very careful at the time of visiting these websites.

What Occurred to DosMovies?

DosMovies is a free internet streaming service that has been closed. You may find clones of Dosmovies on the internet. Your ISP may sometimes block those sites that are restricted by the government of the nation. You may use the website by using a VPN or try some Dos Movies alternatives.

Is DosMovies down?

No, DosMovies is not down right now. You may access it. You must use a VPN if you are not able to stream the website from your device. If you find that the site is not working for you you may use the best DosMovies alternatives we have listed below in the article. You may get the same services from them.

Do DosMovies have viruses?

We are recommending that users not expose themselves to such undue risks. But those who are willing to use DosMovies should be very careful and take necessary precautionary steps.

What kinds of movies can you watch on DosMovies?

There are a wide range of genres available on every website. You may choose from different opinions. You will be able to watch any kind of movie like horror, humour, romantic comedy, chick-flicks, science fiction, action, adult, thriller, drama, war, mystery, tragedy, mythology, children, web series, and TV shows on DosMovies.

The website has arranged them into various categories so that users may easily locate their desired content. They have assigned every movie as well as the television show in a particular genre.  So, the online content loads quickly and it is more convenient to navigate.

DosMovies Alternatives

There are a lot of Dos Movies alternatives available on the internet. Some of them are as follows:


This is one of the most famous websites like DosMovies which provides users with video streaming sites so that they can watch TV shows and movies.


If you want to watch the latest released films that are not available on other movie websites you may choose AZMovies without a second thought.


This is one of the best alternatives to DosMovies. This is a completely free movie and TV show streaming service that allows users to watch complete HD movies.


This is one of the most famous alternatives to DosMovies which allows the users to watch movies online. The website has an outstanding design and a wide range of useful features.


This is one of the best alternatives to DosMovies which allows the users to watch movies online and download three free of cost. You may also watch TV series, movies and music videos.


This is one of the most well-known movie streaming and download websites like DosMovies. It often updates a large database of information for its users all over the world.


This is an ideal alternative to DosMovies for those who are looking for a website for watching movies and TV series without spending a single penny.


We can assure you that DosMovies is supposed to be one of the top free TV series streaming websites all over the world. So, you should not miss it. It has a wide range of free and high-quality movies and series.

So, if you are planning to watch the latest movies and TV series without going anywhere from the convenience of your home you may choose the outstanding website DosMovies. It is a compact platform that allows users to easily search and stream their favourite movies or TV series.

There is a network on DosMovies which is another intriguing factor. On DosMovies you can register, become a member, make friends who love to watch movies, post comments, communicate with the other users and write reviews.

This is an extensive platform for watching movies and communicating with the people who share your interests as a result.

The website also provides a wide range of articles and movie reviews. So, if you are searching for a particular movie or TV show or are willing to know what is going to be released soon, you must try DosMovies to get the best results and an outstanding experience.


What are DosMovies?

DosMovies is an extensive and user-friendly platform that offers movie lovers a wide range of features and functionalities. The website helps the users when they search for a place to locate and find new movies or TV shows,  and discuss their ideas and views with others. The website enables you to get connected with people who have the same mindset as you.

Can I watch movies on DosMovies?

No, you are not able to watch movies on DosMovies. The website does not provide online streaming on its platforms as all the movies are copyrighted and it is completely illegal to post any works on websites without the consent of the owner. DosMovies.com only provides movie reviews with user-generated star ratings.

Can I download movies from DosMovies?

If you visit the DosMovies website you will find that there are no direct links available on the website from where you may download your desired movie. But you may find some links given by the users in the comments and reviews section. You may use those links to download those movies on your computer or mobile device completely free of cost.

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