How to Win Impossible Google Tic Tac Toe

Google tic-tac-toe is mainly known as a game of Noughts and Crosses and X’s and O’s. It is a basic strategy game for children where two players compete to make a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of either three O’s or three X’s on a 3×3 grid.

Here, players either X or O on the grid aim to cut each other off in their bid to draw a line. In this post, we will discuss how to win Google tic tac toe. Before proceeding further, you need to first know what an impossible tic tac toe is.

What is Impossible Tic Tac Toe

Impossible Google Tic Tac Toe is the hardest version of the Tic Tac Toe game. This game is played against an opponent league smarter than another player. The ‘Impossible’ mode on Google’s online Tic Tac Toe game is the most difficult part of the game.

Google describes this game as impossible to defeat. However, it can’t stop people from trying. Still, many players believe that there must be a way to beat the computer and win over the Tic Tac Toe Impossible. To learn more about Tic Tac Toe and how to beat the impossible level, keep reading.

How to Beat Google Tic Tac Toe Impossible in 2023

Do you want to test your Tic Tac Toe skills against Google’s Impossible mode? Let’s have a look at how to win a tic tac toe.

 Play to a Draw in Impossible Tic Tac Toe

1. Here, you have to put your first X in any corner. Remember, you need to go first while playing Google Tic Tac Toe and choose X as your symbol. Choose any corner to place your X. However, it doesn’t matter which corner you pick for your first move. It is typically a pro player’s first choice, as this method offers the most possibilities for going forward.

In impossible mode, the computer responds by placing an O in the center space of the board. It is possible to win against normal opponents even after placing their O in the center space. However, the impossible mode is specifically programmed not to lose.

 2. Next, you have to place your next X in the opposite corner. You have to find the spot across the board diagonally from your first X and place your second X there.

This particular move cuts off two more possible routes to victory for the computer and brings you closer to a draw in impossible mode. While playing against a human opponent, controlling most corners opens more routes to victory.

3. In this step, you can block the computer from winning with your next X. On the first few moves, the computer will typically put its first O in the center space and the second O in the lower middle space once the player places two Xs in diagonal corners.

Here, you can turn your X in the top middle space to block the computer’s win. Though you will chase the computer from this point on, the game is specifically programmed to eliminate all errors.

4. Make sure to play reactively until you reach a draw. The computer will try to win diagonally. So you need to place your next X in whichever corner space is required to stop it. Finally, the computer will try to win horizontally. Hence, you need to place your last X in the left or right middle space.

You need to pay close attention to every O the computer puts down. Try your best to catch all of the computer’s attempts to win. As you both will play without any mistakes, a draw is the best you can get.

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Play to Win in Medium Tic Tac Toe

1. For this winning chance, you need to put your first X in any corner. Always remember, the best move in any tic tac toe game is to claim a corner at the first opportunity. It is the easiest move to make, as there are so many ways to guarantee a win while you start there.

Other spaces offer fewer opportunities for you to take advantage of the game’s progress. Unlike impossible mode, the computer won’t choose the center space for its first O this time. Thus, it gives you more ways to win.

2. Now, you need to place your next X in another corner with empty space between the Xs. It may seem like the center space is the logical move. But don’t rush yourself. Here, you can trap the game by setting the winning scenario for yourself.

Then choose another corner and make sure the computer’s first O isn’t between the Xs. If you place your X in the top right corner and the opponent places an O in the top center, you must place your second X in the bottom right corner.

3. Next, you have to place your X in the center space or another corner. From this point, some formations can guarantee victory. Follow the computer’s moves and determine which move you can make without getting blocked. Once your third X is down, you have two clear routes to victory.

If the computer hasn’t put two Os yet, make sure to place your next X in a corner. With three Xs in two corners, you can win diagonally or horizontally. Otherwise, if the computer moves and forces you to pick the middle space or lose, place your X in the middle. Thus, you can win diagonally in two different directions.

4. Finally, you can win the game with the final X in the center or a third corner. To this point, you have set up your play perfectly. All you need to do is let the computer block one path and then place your final X on the winning spot. According to the formation you choose, you can win diagonally or horizontally.

For a three-corner configuration, you can place your final X either in the center spot or diagonally. Otherwise, you can place your final X in one of the middle-side spots to win a straight tic tac toe. For a corner-center configuration, you have to place your final X on the corner space so that you can win diagonally on the board.

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Use Inspect to Win Impossible Tic Tac Toe

1. You have to bring up the medium tic tac toe and right-click or tap with two fingers. Once you have the medium version of tic tac toe, the reprogramming method is easy. You just need to hover over Medium with your mouse and right-click to see your options.

2. Now you have to click on the ‘Inspect’ option and view the code that pops up. Once you click on Inspect, a long page of code will appear on the computer screen. You can ignore most of it as the block of code will already be marked in blue.

Now, click on the sideways arrow to the left of the code block so that another block of code will be visible. Then click a second sideways arrow to reveal the final piece of code.

3. In the code, you have to type ‘Impossible’ in place of ‘Medium’. Once you find the code block you need, you have to double-click to highlight the word medium. Then you need to type ‘impossible’ to replace all the original texts. Finally, click the ‘X’ at the top right of the code window to close it out.

4. You can play the game in the new impossible mode. Also, you can play medium-difficulty tic tac toe on Google while disguising it as impossible. Remember that there’s no way to beat the real Impossible mode. Still, you are determined to win. This is a simple way to beat Google’s tic tac toe without exhausting yourself with a tie.


So, these are the possible ways to win Google’s impossible tic tac toe. Follow the steps carefully and make a possible win.

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