How to Block Emails on iCloud? [2023]

How to block emails on iCloud Using an iPhone or iPad is not a common concern for many people. With modern devices, email is easy to access. However, you may have trouble accessing the email frequently. This article will discuss how to block emails on iCloud and customize the Cloud Mail application for your device.

Many of us are tired of unsolicited emails and spam mail as we simply do them, but we noticed that a lot of the time we would get spam mail to a specific folder, and we’d like to finish. For this reason, we need to permanently block emails from accessing our mail client on iCloud.

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What is iCloud?

With your iCloud Mail account, you can send, receive, and organize emails. When you set up your devices for iCloud Mail, you can also access your iCloud Mail account using the Mail application on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac computer, or using Microsoft Outlook on Windows computers. No matter what device you use, changes are updated everywhere.

How to Block Emails on iCloud?

To use mail at, go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

If you already use another iCloud feature, click the name of the feature at the top of the window, then click Mail.

If you don’t see mail on, your account is limited to iCloud Web-Cable features. To view and use iCloud Mail and other iCloud features, set up iCloud on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.

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How does iCloud Mail work?

I just got a new iPhone from the App Store and iCloud, and I don’t really feel comfortable using my primary Gmail address as my Apple ID. Most of the time, I use that email for other emails, and I know that any YouTube history or web history you do when you sign in to your Gmail account is automatically linked to the Gmail account.

How to Block Emails on iCloud?

I have nothing else but better services and privacy for Apple to use; the only separate plan was to create a Gmail account. I wanted to check my Gmail. I’ll simply log in through Safari and then log out manually. But I heard about iCloud Mail.

iCloud Mail is just like any other mail; I don’t think it tracks search history or anything else because there is no way to do it. You can only turn it off; go to Settings on your device to disable the auto-backups. I do not recommend it, but if anything happens to your device, you could lose everything. You can’t pick it up and choose; it is basically an image copy of everything on your device. Your iCloud account is no different than using Gmail.

Why do you want to block iCloud Mail?

Have you ever subscribed to a newsletter, never read it, and don’t seem to stop subscribing? Do you have any distant relatives (or ex-colleagues) who put forward about 6447 jokes every day, and these are the ones they send—and did nothing to stop them even as the conversation got more serious? Someone is harassing you via email on occasion (obviously misleading you for someone you are not), and all your hints about their misguided path have done little to stop it.

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iCloud Mail Rule

You may be able to stop some of these, or at least can be displayed emails in your inbox. With a simple rule of thumb, iCloud Mail can automatically move new emails from unwanted senders to the Trash folder. There will be deleted automatically and do not need to see them.

How to Block Email on iCloud?

Spam is always annoying. These take up unnecessary space, make it difficult to search for any important emails, and who knows what spam could corrupt an email account or a file, or the entire system. So, users should not keep spam and should not open these emails. Each email account contains a junk folder. Emails that are considered suspicious or considered spam may be moved to this junk folder. Here we will see how to remove spam from the iCloud account.

3 Best Ways to Block Emails on iCloud

How to Block Emails on iCloud?

Way 1 – Cloud Mail App

It is possible to block email in iCloud by going to Account Settings and then Mail Applications> iCloud. Then you’ll see a drop-down box where you select the items. You can then click + sign next to the “Open” option to open iCloud Mail on your desktop site. You need to create an Apple ID to access your desktop site on iCloud.

The first thing you need to do when setting up your new iPhone or iPad is to download a reliable antivirus program. You can search for these programs online or buy one from a vendor like McCafé or Norton. These programs are designed to prevent spam emails from entering your inbox. Most iPhone and iPad applications allow you to customize settings so you can block all emails or specific emails. To do this, go to your App Store and tap the Applications tab. Here you will see a list of available programs for your device.

The primary action is to look at the email subscriptions listed for your phone number. If you see something unrecognized, tap the down arrow on the mailbox app to bring up more options. In the submenu, you will see the names of various organizations that offer email subscriptions. Check the list and see if any of the names match your contact information or the email address you provided.

Way 2 – Third-Party Apps

One way to learn how to block emails on iCloud is to move your email account to a different mail server than using your iPhone or iPad. Apple devices use the iOS mail app, which is not sensitive to spam filters.

There are third-party applications to work with the Apple Mail application that has been designed. These types of services are available free of charge or you can pay a small fee. Once you install the app on your iPhone or iPad to your inbox may be protected from all potential spam emails.

Way 3 – iCloud on PC

Another way to learn how to block emails on iCloud is to request desktop access to its website. Many business marketing materials sent to their email via their network of suppliers prefer to keep away from other companies because they do not want their customers to be able to publish the advertisement.

Using the desktop application, you cannot open the attachment to the Inbox email or post on the site without the company will have access to all the content. Rather, than this organization if you want your computer to send emails in a normal way, but the main settings you can set this setting.

If none of these methods work, you need to go to a qualified attorney to learn how to block emails on iCloud. Some of the various laws and regulations related to email marketing. Spam bombs are lit by email customers to save customers some of these laws have been put under the Defense of Spam.

There are class-action lawsuits that can be filed to hold corporations accountable for spam sent by their employees. Suppose you are being pressured by companies you do not know personally. In that case, you may want to consult with a qualified attorney to determine if you need to proceed with a class-action lawsuit or personal complaint against the company in question.

How to block email addresses on your iPhone when using Gmail?

In order to prevent a Gmail email address, this method will show you how to prevent the iPhone inbox emails from email addresses to be blocked, you will still be able to check emails from addresses to block spam folders. Also, you’ll notice the new emails from the email address are not blocked.

Step 1

Log into your Gmail Account

Step 2

Now Open Inbox

Step 3

Now Find and Select an email you want to block from your iPhone.

Step 4

You Can Search the Email Address in the Search Box

Step 5

Here You Can See a Triangle Dropdown Icon on the To Right Side of that Message

Step 6

Click on that Triangle icon

Step 7

Now Choose Block “Associated Name”

Step 8

A Pop-up Window will Appear to Confirm your Block

Step 9

Simply Click on Block to Block the Selected Email Address.

Step 10

It will be added to your Gmail account’s email address to the block list

Finally, your computer, iPhone, and iPad inbox will not receive an email from the address block.

How to block emails on your iPhone when using iCloud Mail?

If you’re using an iCloud email address or forwarding your emails via iCloud email, you can set up a mail rule on the iCloud website to spam emails from specific senders to your Trash or Junk folder using direct filters.

How to Block Emails on iCloud?
  • Sign in to Your iCloud Mail with your Apple ID email address and password
  • After Logged in, Open your Apple Mail Box
  • Now Click on Setting which is Appear in the Left Bottom Corner
  • Now Click “Rules” from Settings pop-up Menu
  • You can find the blue link at the top right of the window. If you cannot find it, please make sure that you have the rules window.
  • “If a message” under the heading, can filter messages from specific email addresses or contact names from “is Form” to select the first option and click the drop-down menu
  • In the second blank, please type the email address you want to block in the text box
  • In the third option, select “Move to Folder” from the drop-down menu
  • The fourth option, please drop-down menu to “junk” Please select.
  • Now Click the Done Option.
  • This way all mail going through your iCloud email address will be filtered by the rules you set. To change or delete a rule, you can return to the rules window and click the “I” icon next to the rules to manage it.

Final Words

To learn more about how to block emails iCloud companies often ask users to sign up for a free trial, even though the company may be valid reasons for the need for it, however, your responsibility to follow the request.

If you on a “trial” basis are said to be willing to accept communications, you may not be able to understand that, if you have the right to cancel the subscription. If you signed up during a trial period, you will need to go through all the communications sent by mail and remove them from the attorney assigned to your case.

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