How To Kill Wi-Fi? Top Wifi Killer Suggestion

Wifi Killer

Why Do we need a Wi-fi Killer? : is a networking technology that works wirelessly. It supports devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, wearables, and many more to get internet access. You can connect and get internet connectivity through a wireless router. By accessing with Wi-Fi you connect to a wireless router that allows you to get internet connectivity with the compatible device.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to Wi-Fi.


  • It is convenient to use- The wireless nature of Wi-Fi allows the user to get network accessibility from any nearby convenient place.
  • Mobility- The user can also access the connection of such a network even outside of their working environment. Most places offer Wi-Fi connections to their customers, either free of cost or with little cost.
  • Cost- wireless networking is emerging rapidly which makes it more demanding and also their budget-friendly nature makes it more modest.


  • Range- As the range of the wireless network is less, it is sufficient for a home but it is insufficient for a larger structure.
  • Reliability- As wireless networking signals cannot be constrained by the network administrator they are subjected to other wireless networking signals also.
  • Security- It is weak in terms of security as anyone can easily get access to your network connection by Wifi Killer the password of the Wi-Fi router.

One can easily kill wifi, To kill you need to have a killer-enabled device. Killer enables device helps the computer or a device to get connected to the internet using a killer networking adapter.

For instance, if you installed a Wi-Fi router at your workplace -school, college, home, office, shop, etc., and you want to protect your Wi-Fi from abuse then only the solution is to have a Wi-Fi Killer app. In this way, you can easily kill the connected devices and save your network connection from misuse by keeping an eye on the data used by the connected devices.

Several Apps To Kill Wi-Fi

Several Apps To Kill Wi-Fi


It is one of the best Wi-Fi network controllers for Android devices. It is an app with the ability to disable the net connection or can control the network activity of the device which is when connected to the same wireless network.


It is the best free download for Android smartphones and tablets that allows you to allocate bandwidth in any shared wireless network. A free version of Wifikill apk disconnects every 5 minutes so to enjoy it continuously, it would be the better option to purchase it from the developer’s site. Also to run it you need to have a rooted device with a requirement of a minimum 4.0 Android operating system.


This Wi-Fi app is best to control the network and it can also modify the usage of bandwidth, by killing the abuse of bandwidth and saving it for yourself only. This app allows you to easily disable the net connection of the device which is connected to the same network. However, it should be noted that this tablet-friendly app requires a rooted device. It has to grab traffic nature by presenting the bytes transferred by the grabbed device. Also, the Wi-Fi Pro app does not have an advertisement interface.

Wifikill iOS

Wi-Fi speed is usually slow due to the misuse of other users who are connected to your network because they are already using your data. Wifikill iOS app is basically built to cut the connection of other people and leave the bandwidth only for yourself and enjoy high-speed wireless networking. Killing Wi-Fi connections in Android is much easier than killing Wi-Fi network connection in an iOS device because to kill Wi-Fi connections in the iOS device you must jailbreak your device.

Netcut for PC

Netcut is the software that enables you to kill wifi on your Windows. The best thing about this Wi-Fi killer is, it is perfect for new OS like- Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This 2 MB-sized app is best and totally clear without creating an issue for the other system. Netcut Wi-Fi kill is 100% safe for PCs, it’s free with no viruses. The wireless analyzer tool scans the IP Address of the connected device to Wi-Fi. With the help of this wifikill software, you can either kill all or a few connected devices.  It gives you a detailed analysis of the user with IP Address, MAC Address, etc. of the device that is connected to your network. By downloading the Android emulator you can wifikill on a MAC.

Wifikillfor iPhone

Wi-Fi speed usually drops down due to the abuse of your network connection because someone else is already using your data. Wifikilli Phone basically cuts the connection of other people and leaves the high bandwidth available for you so that you can happily enjoy high-speed wireless networking. Killing Wi-Fi connections in Android is comparatively easier than killing Wi-Fi networks in iPhones because to kill Wi-Fi connections in iPhone devices you must primarily install Cydia on your iPhone device and must jailbreak your device. Netkill UI app in your iPhone will kill unnecessary Wi-Fi connections in the best way.

How to Cut Wi-Fi Without Root?

How to Cut Wi-Fi Without Root?

Well yes! You don’t have to root up your device for Wi-Fi kill, instead, you can also kill Wi-Fi in no root devices.

Wifikill PRO Apk 2018 (No Root)

With the increasing technology, our way of living and using things is also changing day by day. Whether it be an educational site or a social networking site, we all have internet access running rapidly. Affordable Wi-Fi plans have made it much easier to facilitate internet activities. Due to this many internet devices are abused and hence it leads you to lose bandwidth.

Luckily! The Wi-Fi app is the no-root version that is free to download. It is an Android app used to hack Wi-Fi systems. With the help of this app, you can also kill the connections of the devices that are connected to your network. Wifi Killer Pro allows you to hack a tool that can disconnect unwanted connections on your network. It is a legendary app that allows you to seize network connections of other connected devices.

Wifi kills Android 4-x. (Root)

This app is great for cutting unwanted connections on your Android, tablet, etc. It is a free-to-download app with grabbing traffic that grabs the bytes transferred. This tablet-friendly app runs only on Android 4.x rooted devices. You just have to download Wifikill using Wifikill Downloader. If you download the free version then the connection may disconnect every 5min but to enjoy uninterrupted service it is wiser to purchase the app from the official site. The free version also interfaces advertisements resulting in the disturbance.

How to kill the Wi-Fi alternatively?

Amazingly! You can also kill the Wi-Fi alternatively. Many alternatives are there that can cut the misuse of Wi-Fi. Mentioned below are some of the ways to kill the Wi-Fi alternatively that can be used for Windows, Linux, the Web, Android, and PyQt.

  1. NetCut It is the best, free alternative that detects the IP Address resolution protocol spoofers and vicious actors that are on your Wi-Fi.
  2. Netcut Defender- This 100% guaranteed tool will protect your connection from malicious users. Also, it is free to use.
  3. TuxCut- TuxCut is a free, open-source tool. Mainly it is a netcut for PyQt in Windows OS.
  4. Arpwatch- It is a computer software tool that is free and open-source for monitoring traffic on your network connection.
  5. elmoCut- This eye candy, ARP spoofer is free, and open-source for Windows. It ensures easy Arp spoofing for the users with the work done under control.
  6. ABMnet protection- It is the app that protects your Wi-Fi network connection from Netcut and Sniffer. Also, it cuts off and sniffs attackers from the programs.
  7. CSArp-Netcut- This app spoofing program enables the users to launch spoofed arp requests to discontinue connections in a LAN.


How to kick unwanted Wi-Fi connections?

Whether it be your friend, relative, or neighbor, once you give the password of your Wi-Fi to someone, they can use it unlimited which can lead to slow speed and bandwidth.
Kick off unwanted users with these Wi-Fi kicker tips-
1) First change the password of your Wi-Fi. It is the easiest thing you can do.
2)Secondly use MAC address filtration on your router
3)Set up the guest Wi-Fi network on your Wi-Fi router
These points will surely help you to cope with the Wi-Fi abuse problem

Can I kill Wi-Fi without using any app?

Yes, you can make Wi-Fi unusable without any app!
Amazing! Right?
Although many people are not aware of this. To make your Wi-Fi disconnect on other users’ devices without an app you have to follow these steps-
1:Connect with your Wi-Fi network
2:Open Wi-Fi setting
3:Access to advanced settings and try to find the IP address settings
4:Look at the router’s gateway IP address
5: Set it to static and change the IP address. Now put the router’s gateway IP address into the IP address section
6:Make sure that the IP address and router IP address are the same
7:Save and then you are done. In this way, your Wi-Fi would not be used by any other user

How to protect your Wi-Fi from abuse?

Their several apps and other alternatives that will help you to protect your Wi-Fi from misuse. Like- Wifikill, Netcut, Texcut, etc.

Should you root your Android?

Well, rooting up the Android leads it to have quick Android updates. Also rooting the Android increases the life of the battery as you can disable unwanted apps and can reduce CPU usage by limiting it. But rooting your Android is risky as the phone can die forever if you do not follow the guidelines properly. Remember after rooting your Android is no longer a toy, you have to be very thoughtful before going for the super user mode.

How to know if your Wi-Fi router is hacked?

Who does not want smooth and high connectivity? Of course, everyone wishes for it. Various plans are there to run Wi-Fi. You can choose a suitable plan as per your budget and your requirements.
But do u observe that sometimes the speed of your connection slows down? Or there is a drop in the net connectivity?
Pretty sure! Many times you would have faced it. It is because your Wi-Fi router is hacked and misused by other users. You can identify the abuse of the Wi-Fi network as the bandwidth of your network decreases, the speed slows down, and data usage increases when the router is hacked.


Now that you are aware of how to kill the Wi-Fi. You are the owner of your net connection, do try to stop the abuse of your Wi-Fi connection, enjoy the bandwidth yourself, and keep the connection safe. You can save your router from hacking by downloading apps that will protect the connection of your Wi-Fi router.

This detailed article about Wi-Fi killing will give you information about how to kill Wi-Fi. Types of wifikill apps,  alternate ways to kill Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi killing on rooted devices, kill Wi-Fikill no root device, and faqs.

If you are searching for ways to cut the Wi-Fi of the other users connected with your Wi-Fi, then you have come to the right place. This platform is with a detailed analysis of how to kill Wi-Fi. You can solve your problem by going through this informative article.

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