Solve: PS4 Running Slow Freezing and Lagging

We all know how fast and excellent PS4 consoles are. However, unfortunately, the PS4 can slow down or might lag with the passing of time for several reasons. Sometimes it gets so slow that you can’t tolerate playing it, and it ceases responding and freezes completely.

It is pretty annoying to use a PS4 when it’s lagging and running slowly. There are a lot of complaints from other users about how irritating this problem can be. For instance, there are cases where the PS4 worked fine one day before suddenly slowing down without any apparent reason.

To make the entire matter worse, your PS4 lag issues affect one game or everything on the machine. And you won’t even know what will happen next. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss how to make PS4 stop lagging. Before finding the solution, you need to get to the root cause of this issue.

Why is the PS4 running slowly and lagging?

After your hectic schedule, it seems disgusting when you ultimately find time to get in front of your PS4 and see the PS4 running slowly and freezing. In such conditions, you can’t even chat with your teammates as the voice comes and goes or doesn’t work. If you are experiencing such issues, you must first know why they are happening.

In most cases, the slow running of the PS4 and lagging happen due to the degradation of its stock internal HDD. However, a PS4 hard drive is the biggest reason for the slowness of the PS4. But it is not the only reason. PS4 may slow down and lag due to various reasons that make your playing experience a complete nightmare. Various reasons, like inadequate power feeding, malfunctioning hardware components, defective UB peripherals, etc., can make your PS4 run slow and lag.

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Symptoms of PS4 Running Down and Lagging

lag on ps4

There are many symptoms that indicate PS4 is slow to the extent that it requires maintenance. Before you know how to fix lag on PS4, you must identify the problematic symptoms.

Copying games, applications, or media files takes too long while your PS4 lags or runs slowly. Such a condition may indicate that your game console is really slow and suffering from a lagging issue. However, there is no definite sign. Your PS4 may be fine, and the problem may be caused by an external storage device connected to the console. In such conditions, you need to check and investigate well.

PS4 takes a long time to load. When the PS4 loading procedure is slow, whether it’s the app, game, or the entire operating system, your PS4 is slow and lagging.

Another notable symptom is that the PS4 runs well for a while but suddenly delays and becomes slow without apparent reason. In such conditions, everything seems fine and runs smoothly, but suddenly a catastrophe occurs. PS4’s performance goes down dramatically and becomes very slow without any obvious reason. Sometimes it even freezes as well.

The last symptom is that the PS4 is lagging only while you play games. In this situation, the PS4 boots up and usually runs its applications without any issues, but the lag issue starts when you load a game. If PS4 is only lagging online, there is a problem with the internet connection. Otherwise, if this thing happens online and offline, there may be a problem with the PS4 itself or the particular game you are playing.

These are the most common symptoms that indicate PS4 slowness or lagging. But why is iOS PS4 lagging, and how to fix PS4 lagging? Well, now we will proceed to the root cause.

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PS4 Slow Down and Lagging Reasons

Many users are concerned about why the PS4 lags and becomes slow. Well, there are various factors that can cause this situation, and some reasons are logical, whether some reasons are related to the hardware.

Improper Game or Application Installation

It happens that some files, games, or applications are corrupted that you install on PS4. It causes errors while running it and makes the PS4 slow. You have to reinstall that particular game application properly to fix this problem. It should resolve the issue. Besides, an unsuccessful game or application update may be the reason for this situation. If this process doesn’t fix this problem and your PS4 still lags, you can do the following steps;

Uninstall the game or application that causes this problem.

Rebuild the PS4 database.

Reinstall the game or application.

There may be a severe conflict between that game or app and the PS4 system if nothing changes.

The PS4 Hard Drive is Almost Full

When the hard drive is 95 per cent full, PS4 slows down by 50 per cent and starts lagging. There is no space for saving the temporary files needed for operating apps at such a point. So, the condition happens like the PS4 operating system doesn’t know how to run correctly anymore. Therefore, the PS4 starts lagging and getting slow. Overall we can say applications and games and their updates take up the PS4 hard drive space. Also, media files, screenshots, and saved games consume lots of storage space on the PS4 hard drive. To solve this issue, you can add those things to temporary files.

In such conditions, you can do a few things;

You should regularly free up more storage space. Thus you can avoid PS4 slowness related to insufficient space on the hard drive.

You can rebuild the PS4 database. It is a must-do operation when the PS4 hard drive consumes most of its storage space, and it happens the same as the defragmentation operation on Windows OS. Therefore, when your PS4 lags, make this your first option.

You can use extended storage. You can simply purchase a new external hard drive and connect it to PS4 to work as a storage extension. The internal HDD will handle the external storage, however. But we recommend upgrading the internal hard drive first.

You can purchase a larger internal hard drive, which will perfectly resolve this issue. Even upgrading the PS4 hard drive is mandatory for severe players for several reasons.

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Defective Internal Hard Drive

It is one of the main reasons behind the slowness and lagging of the PS4. So, when you have tried almost everything, and your PS4 is still lagging and slow, you must understand that there is a problem with the hard drive. The problem happens because the PS4 hard drive plays a significant role in the PS4’s performance. All the data is saved and processed on the hard drive. It is even responsible for sending and receiving data to and from the CPU for processing. So, if the medium doesn’t work well, the PS4 will lag and freeze.

PS4 System Software Bad Installation or Update

Sometimes PS4 keeps lagging due to the result of wrong installation or updating PS4 system software. Usually, it happens due to a bad internet connection or a sudden hardware failure during the installation procedure. You have to try again, hopefully, to resolve this issue. If it doesn’t get fixed, you have to uninstall the game or application completely. Sometimes you have to initialize the PS4 as the broken update can affect the PS4 system.

Defective External Hard Drive

If you notice lag on PS4, it may happen due to a defective external hard drive. The extended storage can be the culprit here. The device keeps logging in when a failed peripheral is connected to it, and such a condition makes the device sick and not function well. If you have already rebuilt the PS4 database and tried to install the game or application, you have to format the external hard drive. To solve this issue, you have to do a full format. It will help eliminate the lousy sector of system file errors on the specified disk.

Before formatting the PS4 external hard drive, ensure that you have backed up all your necessary files. Otherwise, they will get erased after the format operation. If you forget to do so, you can try data recovery software to recover the data.


Can Dust Make PS4 Slow?

Yes, dust can make PS4 slow. Dust affects the proper CPU cooling, which makes it consequently hotter. It results in lower performance of the PS4.

How to Fix Slow PS4?

It is not a difficult task to fix a slow PS4. Here in this post, we have mentioned several ways to fix the slow PS4 issue of PS4.

How to figure out that the PS4 hard drive is the source of the problem?

When you try everything possible to fix PS4 slowness, even rebuilding the database and initializing the PS4, testing the controller, and confirming it works appropriately. Yet, the problem doesn’t solve, and you can be sure that the problem is with the hard drive.


There are many reasons why the PS4 is slow and lagging. Some issues can be fixed quickly. Other issues, in rare cases, need an expert. Whatever the situation is, it is good to try your own and fix the PS4 so that it runs as smoothly and fast as before. But if the lagging problem still occurs, you can contact a technician. It may be a serious hardware issue with the RAM, VGA, or CPU.

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