How To Send Android Text Over Wi-Fi?

How to send Android Text over Wi-Fi? : before starting up let’s talk about the history of SMS and Wi-Fi.

Ever since the invention of the Internet, people have been trying to figure out how to use the Internet for phone calls. And why not? If you can send an email via Wi-Fi, you should be able to keep a phone call and text.

Wi-Fi calls / texts, rather than cell networks are on the web. If you do not have an active cellular service, or if it’s a great choice away from cell towers. Connecting to free Wi-Fi has never been easier. Public locations, including Wi-Fi, are known as “hotspots” and are prominent around the world. It is also possible to buy a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to bring with you while travelling!

This ensures that you are always connected even if there is no cellular coverage in your area. You can simply look for a place that offers free internet access to get started. Find your local Starbucks or McDonald’s Wi-Fi, connect and you’re good to go!

If you can use Wi-Fi calling / Android SMS over connecting wireless data, wireless data is included in many phone plans with your cellular service provider, so you may already have this option.

Wi-Fi calling and text messaging have grown in popularity over the years, especially among students, travellers, and people living in poor areas with cellular coverage. One of the great ways to save money on long-distance calls or reduce your monthly cell phone fees is to go completely beyond the cell network. Both voice calls and text messages via Wi-Fi are becoming increasingly common.

Is it possible to send Text over Wi-Fi?

Yes! It’s possible. The reason why Android smartphones can send or receive any text/call via Wi-Fi is because they follow 2 protocols: TOIP (Text over Internet Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). If you’re wondering, these are the same protocols used by instant messaging services like WhatsApp.

 how to send text messages over wifi

Wikipedia says that SMS is a text messaging service for most telephone, World Wide Web and mobile telephony systems. Note the World Wide Web phrase – it basically includes that SMS can be sent to the World Wide Web which is basically the Internet.

It is important to understand that this is the application that has decided that you can send your texts to the Internet, and not your phone itself. For Android messages, for example, Google’s default messaging service recently got the ability to send text messages over Wi-Fi. Similarly, Apple’s default messaging service can send messages to lots of different devices, including Macs, and messages that traditionally don’t hold telephony modems.

Pros and Cons of Text over Wi-Fi


It’s Free

No need for an expensive cellular plan! Fixed Wi-Fi signal on your phone You can use Wi-Fi to call and message at any time. You can do this without a cellular connection, so even if your phone isn’t able to make regular calls, you can make/send Wi-Fi calls as long as you’re on the Internet. This allows you to bypass expensive cell phone plans. When it comes to spending, you can’t beat it for free!

Better Cell Reception

If you have bad cell reception anywhere, including the use of Wi-Fi great choice. You can skip the cell network and can use the Internet to connect with your loved one! If you like rural locations with poor cellular network coverage, what it does do in such a zone?

Travel Friendly

With the global expansion of Wi-Fi hotspots, you can find nearby Wi-Fi. Restaurants such as McDonald’s and Starbucks are usually Wi-Fi networks. Apple stores and most hotels do the same. This is a great option for travellers who are expensive to build cellular networks and may want to avoid the fee.


Roaming & Mobile Data Charges

You’ll want to keep an eye on your Wi-Fi signal. If you can reduce your connection, then switch your phone to your cellular data plan. Because it is associated with faster data charges can be a costly mistake. Luckily off your wireless data, it is easy to avoid – if you are travelling, you probably do it by default.

Weak Signal Strength

Remember how we said that calling via Wi-Fi gives a better reception? This only applies if you have stable Wi-Fi. So, your hotel hotspot should be good, but there is no overflowing crowd at the local train station. If the Wi-Fi is so bad that you can’t even load Facebook, you’re probably not going to make any Wi-Fi calls. A text, however, can work in less stable connections. You don’t even need super-fast internet speed. About 1 Mbps is required for your Wi-Fi messages or calls.

Not Available on All Carriers

Some carriers will ding you up for using Wi-Fi to make calls, even counting the minutes of your included coverage. Sprint, for example, says that “Wi-Fi calling is a free service when calling numbers in the United States, the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.” However, there will be additional costs for international distances. If you call with your regular phone number, T-Mobile will charge a regular calling plan for your Wi-Fi calls (unless you already have an unlimited plan with them). Check out what is allowed before you start your career.

From Wi-Fi to make calls and text using a mobile app

If the idea of ​​accidentally defaulting to cellular networks and charging from your carrier makes you hesitant, you’re in luck! An easy way to set up Wi-Fi is to skip the full enablement step and download a convenient mobile app instead.

Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger are the most popular Wi-Fi calling / messaging applications. These apps, however, have one major flaw: To avoid the Wi-Fi call completely on the cell network, both sides of the call need to use the app in question. So, if you’ve got a Google Hangout for making a call, the person you’re communicating with also needs to be in Hangout to work.

On the other hand, consciousness is an application that allows you to make calls and texts on the Internet, and the app does not require both parties. It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android with Hushed, you don’t have to worry about accidentally using your cellular network and being charged by Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or any other carrier.

All calls/texts are set up through the app, and if you’re using Wi-Fi and not mobile data, your calls are automatically routed via the Internet. Your text message, similarly, appears as a normal SMS text message. You don’t even have to use consciousness for the person you are calling/texting with! The side of their conversation can use regular cell networks, while the side of your connection uses Wi-Fi.

10 Best Android Applications for Text over WiFi

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS Text over Wi-Fi? Android-running smartphone capabilities, no matter how rich, it is still basically a phone with which to call that and convenient to send messages. Unfortunately, both the standard Android SMS application design and features are disappointing.

However, creators often change the program for some of their own messages which is often not a perfect one. Looking at the iPhone, where the designers worked on every line, launching a Globe SMS app on your smartphone is doubly unpleasant. However, it is good that Android changes and configures everything, anything. And it’s not hard to find a great alternative to the standard program for messages.

 how to send text messages over wifi

As usual, on the virtual shelves of the Google App Store, you can find lots of different programs. This statement applies to third-party SMS clients. Some of these applications differ from standard solutions only through the interface. Others, by contrast, change the process of creating, sending, and reading SMS messages almost completely. So, in this post, we will consider the 10 most popular Wi-Fi texting apps for Android are Described Below:

1. Text Plus

All owners of mobile devices are looking for a free way to communicate and exchange messages, and one of the solutions is Android’s Text Plus program. Using Text Plus you can chat with friends, send free messages to any number and make calls around the world. In this case, start using the possibility of free messages and calls now!

 how to send text messages over wifi
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

Before you get started chatting create a free account. You should specify your own name, surname, country and other data. Here you can save a nickname for yourself. During registration, you can specify a mobile phone number so that a new message comes in the form of SMS notifications.

Now you are ready to start communication: you can send and receive an unlimited number of messages. SMS hub for your phone or tablet, and take part in group chat, get an unlimited number of calls. Also, with Text Plus you can create communities to communicate on a specific topic.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Send Free Texts to Anyone in the US and Canada.
  • Call Worldwide with a Real Phone Number.
  • Send and Receive Group Messages with all your Friends.
  • Unlimited Free Calling.
  • Unlimited Free Texting.
  • Voice Messages & Much More.

2. Text Free

Text Free SMS is a very powerful communication application that allows you to send messages and make voice calls. The best is that you can use it free virtual number.

android sms over wifi
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

Text Free SMS is an application that provides you with a virtual phone number in the United States, allowing you to make phone calls and send free text messages. All you have to do is to create a user account. After you create an account, a number of free SMS text provides a series of phone numbers. Since that time, the number to call and send text messages in the United States (European phone numbers do not work) can be used.

The most pleasant thing is completely free SMS text. In the beginning, you have a few free minutes, but any time you can get another minute, you see ads or sponsorship, and you can install apps.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Phone Service without the Cost.
  • Free Phone Number.
  • Free Texting.
  • Free Calling.
  • Much More.

3. We Chat

WeChat is a popular application for communication, which is easy, simple and universal for any user of Android device. The program is designed to exchange text or voice messages and call customers in a neighbouring home or any other country. You can send an SMS or MMS for a few moments, or make a video call with good quality connection. WeChat is ideal for sharing multimedia files – from videos, text or photos, to voice messages.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

To communicate in a group chat, you can add more than five hundred users. You can add up to 9 people in the video call. Any time you can call anywhere for free. Stickers to express your feelings, animated stickers use the smart base. Put important photos on your photo blog so friends can find out about interesting events in your life.

Thanks to precise geo-location settings, you can easily wait for a friend to look for it. The application automatically translates text from an unknown language and works in two dozen languages. You are waiting for great wallpapers, beautiful notifications and many other possibilities.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Connecting a Billion People.
  • New Ways to Communicate.
  • Make Video Calls to anyone, anywhere and on any Device.
  • Time Capsule Feature.
  • Share Your Live Location.
  • Share Your Every Moment.
  • Send Unlimited Fun Stickers.
  • Friends Radar System.

4. Text Me

This is the first Wi-Fi texting app on our list and it’s worth it here. Let us consider the positive aspects. The Text Me app allows you to send messages to a number of countries in the United States, Canada, and 40 countries around the world.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

Now, users of different platforms can always keep in touch. Free communication between applications for Android devices and other platforms to create a new phone number. Free video calls in HD quality, text communication and voice recording will be available once the app is installed.

Communicating with friends has never been so easy! You can also join friends on Cross Platform Messenger and enjoy free video calls, group chats and communications between Apple, Android and PC users. All communications are completely private: All types of messages are encrypted and can be deleted at any time. There is a possibility of getting a second anonymous number for sending messages and calls.

Faster speed, Facebook and Google, simplifying approval, a notification system and full support for the Android platform smartphone app really need to be made between users. The initial version, free SMS application is only valid within the United States and Canada.

There are some restrictions on sending messages and calls to other member countries of the network. With the paid version, you’ll get access to unlimited calls from friends anywhere in the world.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Unlimited Texts and Calls to the United States and Canada.
  • Your Own Real Phone Number.
  • Share Photos, Videos, Stickers, and More.
  • Low-Cost International Calls.
  • Multiple’s Numbers, Voicemail and More.
  • SMS over Wi-Fi.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

This is a free messaging app that allows you to Android text via Wi-Fi and this is very popular around the world and to work with any platform that can be called a leader with thanks.

WhatsApp creates an account based on your phone number, scans your phone book, and adds to the contact list those whose names are registered with the service. The advantages of this solution are obvious, no registration, no nickname, no approval and connection with friends. If someone in the phone book registers with WhatsApp, they are automatically added to the contact list.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

In fact, instant messaging is an alternative to regular SMS. WhatsApp to send a message to a user by the sender and the recipient are both in this program and of course, the Internet connection needs to be installed on the smartphone. At the same time, the audio track is possible to attach files in various formats, including photos, etc.

WhatsApp is a simple and intuitive menu. The program saves users the history of communication, there is the possibility of creating groups for communication, for some users, such as blocking, “do not disturb” to determine the status of individual scope etc.

WhatsApp service for the transmission of instant messages and is automatically called end-to-end encryption, which allows third-party data transfer security. Users are only reserved for messages sent to the user, WhatsApp service does not store the information.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Simple, Reliable, and Private.
  • Call Across the World for Free.
  • Group Chats with Friends and Family.
  • Share Daily Moments through Status.
  • Much More.

6. Signal

The signal is one of the best ways to exchange Android SMS over Wi-Fi, It allows you to send instant messages to friends, and create groups to communicate in real-time. When you first start the program, you will be asked to link your account to a phone number, for which a special SMS with a code will be sent. Then, you send the message and signal to make a call to the main program.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

The signal interface is practically no different from the standard, so you can understand it without any difficulty. Select the desired contact from the built-in phonebook and click the pencil button if you want to send a message or make a call with a picture of the handset. Of course, for encrypted communication, both individuals need to use the signal. If you select a person in the address book who is not registered in Signal, he will be sent a proposal to download and install this program.

The main difference between the program and the existing competitors signals a reliable encryption algorithm and a simple interface. Download the program and use the signals to devices running Android 2.3 and more can be completely free. So, please contact us free, and safely for long-distance calls without any additional payment. The app is connected to the phone number on the signal and all the works in the country. Letters can be sent to less important archives, where they will be stored until the moment your needs.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Stay Private.
  • Voice or Video Calls.
  • Disappearing Messages.
  • Send Anything.
  • Group Chats are Also Available.

7. Telegram: for Android text over Wi-Fi

Telegram will quickly and securely exchange Android text over Wi-Fi synchronize the program with all devices, and become a member of a community of 100 million users. It is the fastest application for processing messages and data. You can access it from all user devices and not lose information. It is possible to send media files without any interruption! Chat history does not use memory on the phone. All data is stored in cloud storage.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS Text over Wi-Fi?

However, in addition to telegrams, there is also a group chat – at the same time, you can communicate with a huge number of people – up to two hundred subscribers. This is very convenient, if, for example, requires constant communication with employees of a firm or enterprise. Another bonus – you can set a profile photo and status. It can be made invisible or hidden for certain contacts.

If you do not want to receive a message from a specific contact – put it on the “blacklist”, telegrams provide such a possibility. Telegram registration is initial, your phone will become your login. A distinctive feature of telegrams is the protection of correspondence.

The developers claim that the messages are encrypted so securely that even they cannot decrypt them, the correspondence only makes the program available to the sender and the recipient works without ads. For those users who are most interested in privacy, the utility has created a special secret chat room where the sent content disappears after a certain period of time.

Quick Summary of Features

  • The Messenger is completely Free.
  • The Highest Level of Security.
  • Fast, Simple, Reliable and synced across all your devices.
  • No Limits.
  • Unlimited Storage for Your Chats, Media and Documents.
  • No Ads, No Payments.
  • Totally Open Source.
  • Instant Messaging Speed.

8. Mood Messenger

The Mood Messenger app lets you arrange real live communication using emoticons, emojis, stickers and other pleasures. In addition to the 200 participants, the practice includes built-in Internet Messenger, GIF, multimedia transmission capabilities as well as a special type of emoji-smart emoji that supports predictive input based on entry sound and their positive color other positive features are the availability of secret chat.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

There are two windows – Chat and Contacts. Contacts are all available and divided into Med’s internal contacts, meaning the service is a kind of community, social network, where you can invite someone directly or via Facebook if you want. The option opens up the possibility of communication via the Internet and the possibility of multimedia exchanges and Android text over Wi-Fi. You can download and install color themes separately, as well as customize the blacklist here.

As settings, there are a lot of them. So, you can activate night mode, you can turn off all notifications, and Emoji Share style, and can adjust the display (for example, small and static turn off). Also, you can add hashtags to your contacts, you can write a quick answer, a theme, the background, and you can select a melody for a message.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Upgrade your SMS all the time.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Support Private Messages.
  • Much More.

9. Chomp SMS for Wi-Fi texting

Like any traditional themed SMS application, Champ SMS joins our contact list, which is grouped into customers. When you click on a photo, display contact information and the tap is long, a menu appears at the top of the text-to-text over Wi-Fi, from which you can call the author of the message, set the notification method, or turn on the user’s list of prohibited items.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

Here you can customize the tunes, select the icons for the notification panel, different vibration styles and pop-ups. However, the latter is disabled by default but it is easier to enable it by looking for the “Quick Reply Popup” item. One of the features of Champ SMS over Wi-Fi is that you can quickly set up a list of correspondence and dialogues yourself. Everything is configured. Messages will look exactly like you.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Different Messaging Templates.
  • Heavy Blacklist Option.
  • Simple and Reliable Interface.
  • Message Scheduled Feature.
  • Flexible Settings.
  • Much More.

10. Dingtone

Dingtone will provide you with a toll-free number that will act as a second SIM on your phone. You do not need to enter personal information. The application will use a list of your contacts stored on the device to work. You can synchronize the application with your Facebook account and call your friends anywhere in the world on social networks.

Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?
Can an Android Smartphone Send/Receive SMS texts via Wi-Fi?

If you communicate too much and the communication costs, especially while roaming, are horrible, try DingTone because this app is suitable for free communication through the internet. Simple calls and video calls, sending Text over Wi-Fi or voice messaging with Wi-Fi are completely free and unlimited. Now you can talk as much as you want. When communicating via mobile internet, you may be charged according to your tariff plan, so be extra careful.

Installing the app, you will be able to organize group video conferences, send messages and even make great quality video calls for up to 8 participants while using 4G / 5G. And if there is no possibility to type the text, write the word letter and send it.

With Dingtone’s help, you can usually turn your phone into a walkie-talkie – something many dreamed of in their childhood. Privacy settings will help you protect yourself from unwanted contacts. For communication, you don’t need a SIM card, so you can easily communicate with the tablet.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Free Calls and Texts.
  • Free Phone Numbers.
  • Get a 2nd Number, Unlimited Text over Wi-Fi and Calling.
  • Free International Calls, No Cell Plans Needed.
  • Group Chat Available, Send Photos, Videos and Much More.

NOTE** All Applications are Available on the Play Store. Just Type and Search Official Application From the Play Store Now and start Android SMS over Wi-Fi.



Can I send an SMS over Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is possible to send SMS over Wi-Fi. Almost all the recent versions of cell phones offer this option.

Does SMS use data or Wi-Fi?

Yes, SMS only works on cellular data.

Can Android text via Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can send Android text via Wi-Fi even if you don’t have cell service. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, make sure to turn on the cellular data.

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