ABCYA: Is It Safe to Use?

Abcya Online learning is very essential for students as well as teachers. The pandemic has taught them how important online is. The students who want to learn more and more without facing any difficulties online learning helps them to face the educational challenges with full confidence and win over them. Technology is developing day by day and the knowledge of users is getting far better. That is why we are noticing a sudden increase in the popularity of virtual education. We all know that digital education is an effective way of learning new things and it provides a lot of advantages in comparison with traditional education.

There are more than three hundred entertaining and educational games available in Abcya for the grades pre-kindergarten to 6+. The activities designed by AbCya here are generally based upon the input from parents as well as educators who think that the children will be able to learn much better if they have fun in their studies.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Designing Abcya?

Abcya was created from the idea of a web developer that is completely for education. Later he became a teacher of computer science and developed educational videos, different activities, and educational games for elementary students. You will be able to find every subject to be included in this app or website. You just have to click on your education level (pre Kindergarten to 6+). In this way, you will be able to find all the things that are available under the categories of arts, language, and other subjects.

The features of Abcya

The features of Abcya

Abcya had the following features:


Abcya is completely free and you will get lots of ads in the free version. If you want to remove ads you need to buy a subscription plan. It provides 6 free mobile games per week.


One can use this site without providing personal credentials. If you are going to subscribe to a paid account they take the personally identifiable information from an adult.


The students who are still learning to read can get access to this website. The website does mention any accessibility features for students with disabilities. Some games provide information orally and some games provide written instructions. Your hand needs to be skillful enough in controlling the keyboard as well as the mouse.


The site supports the latest releases of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge web browsers as well as Internet Explorer version 9 and up. Most PC games require version 12 of the free Adobe Flash Player. It can be accessed with a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

ISTE standards

The students get full freedom in choosing the famed they want to play. The students also learn the method of using inline tools in a proper way by using this site.

What are the learning activities in Abcya?

What are the learning activities in Abcya

The basic learning activities in Abcya are as follows:

Math (Preschool)

“Connect the Dots” Students are asked to connect the dots by counting by ones up to 10, 20, 30,…

Math (Fifth Grade)

“Feed Me Fractions” Students add fractions by picking 2 sets of fraction cards that add to 1.  Standards:  4.NF.B.3.a, 4.NF.B.3.b, 4.NF.B.3.c

English Language Arts (First Grade)

“Alphabetical Order” Students click and drag alphabet blocks to put them back in ABC order. Standards:  RF.K.1 , RF.K.1.d , RF.K.2 , RF.K.2.d, RF.K.3.a, SL.K.2, SL.K.6. L.K.1. RF.1.1, L.1.1

English Language Arts (Fourth Grade)

“Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homonyms”  Students match words that are either antonyms, synonyms or homonyms.

How Will you use Abcya?

If you want to use Abcya you need to follow the steps given below:

  • First you have to open your browser.
  • Then in the address box you need to type
  • Then you will get a lot of options like-

Parents and Teachers Page-Follow this link to learn more about

Family Log In- Log In through here if you have a paid family subscription

Class Log In-Log In through here if you have a paid class subscription

Links to various grade levels

  • If you want to use the free website you need to choose your preferred grade level.
  • Then you may choose between

Letters- English Language Arts games

Numbers- Math games

Holiday- Social Studies related games

Strategy- Problem-solving games

Skills-Mixed knowledge-based skills

  • Then you need to click on the subject of your interest like holidays.
  • Then you will be taken to a screen with titles offering different games.
  • You need to choose a game.
  • Then you will be taken to the game page with the game’s title, grade level standards, and a play button.
  • Then you need to click the play button considering your grade level you can listen for instructions, read instructions, or you may just start the game.
  • You can always click on the BACK  button to go back to more games, or to the Home Button to go back to their Home Main Page.

What is the thing that makes Abcya so popular?

Abc has become so popular because it can be used to educate young kids from pre-kindergarten to grade 6+. The games, as well as the activities, are designed on the all or website considering the grade level of the kids. That is why everyone believes that abcya com is a great website that can be used in the classroom. Another reason is that there are various games that have different levels that help the students who are advanced or intelligent to choose harder levels for them and those who are still learning the skills can choose the beginning levels. Another important reason behind its popularity is that the games are capable of making learning fun for the students. In this process, the students can not even know that they are practicing or learning the skills. There are a lot of students who get attracted to Abcyacom and want to play the games repetitively on Abcya only because they think it is fun to learn.

The great combination of Abcya-com is that the students can have fun at the time of practicing skills. So we can say that this is a kid-friendly website that is very easy to use. There are consistent navigation buttons that help the students to learn easily and quickly on how to operate this site. This site is also the perfect one for teachers who want to teach their students practical skills that they have learned in the classrooms.

There are also a lot of websites for games like Abcya that also help the students to learn. Generation Genius is such an outstanding Educational app for a K-eight teaching resource that helps to bring school science standards to life. This website helps the students to learn about the educational videos that are related to the lesson plans, do quizzes, activities, and reading materials with the guidelines for teachers as well as help to have some fun too. The games help the children to learn with more interest.

Is Abcya safe?

Is Abcya safe?

Yes, Abcya games are completely safe to use but you need to use it with caution. The parents must know that Abcya is a website for educational games that arrange games by grade level (pre-K through 6+), subject categories like letters, numbers, holiday games, and many more. But there are several games that are better than others and you need to encourage your child to try them out. It is true that Abcya arranges the games for grades pre-K to 6+ but the content available here is truly best for early to mid-alimentary grades. For playing the games you will just require good noise as well as keyboard skills. To have this skill is indeed very difficult for young kids.

Is Abcya good?

There are a lot of educational games which are clearly organized by their grade level and subject. So, the kids will get full freedom to choose any one from them which will be safe for them. But you will face ads. The games are only for practice. The kids can do a lot of things in the game that will help them to keep things fresh for them. But there are some games that are better than the others. You need to tell your child to try the game which will be suitable for him. There is a lot of content available in the free web version. But the kids have to learn the tricks to stay away from unwanted ads. If you want to get rid of ads completely you may buy a paid subscription plan. If you take a subscription you will be able to save your favorite game, set a screen time timer, and get access to the content by using mobile devices. Some parents want to buy a subscription plan while others stay happy with the free version. But we can say that this game website provides a lot of options that help to engage the kids with educational material.

How can you keep your child safe online?

The internet has opened up the doors for the students that help them to get access to more information today in comparison with the previous generations. The Internet is no doubt a great tool for learning but there are dangers that you can face from cybercriminals, cyber bullies, or viruses. If you are using Abcya you may face these types of issues. If you want to stay away from security threats you need to take the following security measures:

Passwords and personal

You need to teach your child first that we should never share our passwords with anyone, not even with our friends as well as classmates. You need to teach them to create passwords that will be strong, and unique. Tell them to change the password frequently. A strong password means that have at least 6 characters which is a combination of numbers and symbols. Do not try to use your personal information like your date of birth at the time of creating passwords. You need to teach your child how to protect their private credentials like last name, address, school name, and phone number, which may allow the intruders to get access to your account.

Do not download alone

We often mistakenly download viruses on our computers. The children unknowingly take the dangerous websites or ads as normal and they can be a trap that will make you download harmful software. You need to teach your child not to click on unwanted pop-up ads or download things from websites that they do not trust. If they do such things they may expose their personal data or infect their devices with malware. That is why you need to teach your child to ask someone before downloading an app, or document, or opening an email attachment from someone whom they do not even know.

Do not respond to a bully

Cyberbullying is harassment that takes place over digital devices. Through cyber bullying negative, harmful, and meaningful content about someone is shared on the internet. You need to teach your child if he receives a bully or a mean message they must come and paste the bully so that the parents and teachers can see. They should not reply to insulting messages otherwise it will encourage the bully to send more. If your kid is there on a social media site and thinks that someone has crossed the limit they may also report what bully he has said or block them completely.


What is the thing about Abcya that the parents should know?

The parents need to know that Abc ya is a website that designs games considering the education level pre Kindergarten to 6+ and the categories of subjects like letters, numbers, holiday games, and many more.

Is Abcya free or do we need to buy a subscription?

In the free version of abcya you will get a lot of ads which is very much annoying. They generally appear on the homepage of the website or app as well as all game pages.
If you do not have a subscription this type of ads will be displayed continuously. If the parents of the students go for the Abcya free version they will be only able to save only their three favorite games. But if they go for a subscription plan which costs 9.99 dollars per month, 44.99 dollars for six months, and 69.99 dollars for the year they will be able to get rid of all the ads and unlock the premium features too.

How Will a kid play games on Abcya?

On you will get arcade style games. That is why the kids must have knowledge of using arrow keys, racing games that can be played online against other players, word finding games that can be played on screen or printed, typing games and many more.
The children may require their parents or instructors for some games to read the brief instructions. But most of the games are self-explanatory even for those kids who are in younger grades.


So you have understood that abcya is completely safe if you use it carefully. Now follow the tips and enjoy your game.

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