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How To Clear Clipboard on Android

How To Clear Clipboard on Android

In this article, you will get to know about how to access the clipboard on your Android, how to clear the clipboard on android, how to manage your snippets, things to keep in mind about the Android clipboard, and many more tips and tricks.

Although basic, an essential feature of Android is the clipboard. A clipboard is a built-in temporary platform that stores all your selected or copied contents. When you copy something such as text, links, images, and more, they get stored on the clipboard of your Android phone by default. With the latest entry, the oldest clipboard history gets removed. Hence, some entries will be present on the clipboard. Before we get on with how to clear the clipboard, let us know how to access the Android clipboard.

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How To Find Clipboard on Android

Alternatively, the clipboard can be accessed even in other chatting or messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger.

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How To Clear Clipboard on Android

•Step 1:The first step to clear the clipboard is to navigate to the file. It basically depends on your purpose, whether you want to clear one clipboard (deleting all the content) or only want to delete a little part.

Important Tips to How To Clear Clipboard on Android

Make sure to put the following tips into best practice:

  1. Be absolutely sure about which file or part of the file that you want to delete. As soon as you select the “delete” button, the file or content is immediately lost.
  2. Make sure that while you are clearing your clipboard history, your phone has adequate charge. If the phone gets switched off, you might have to repeat the steps all over.
  3. Keep in mind to do a regular evaluation to manage your files. There are times when you are unsure of a certain file. You are afraid that you might need it in the future. In that case, manage your file by selecting the ones that are needed and not. If you run out of storage, either move to external storage or another device.

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How to Manage Your Clipboard using Gboard

You can get access to a handy clipboard manager using the default Gboard keyboard on Android. When you tap in any text entry field, the Gboard opens. On the top row, you will find the Clipboard icon. Tap on it. In case you are unable to find it, tap on the arrow on the left side to show those icons.

A notice will appear if you have not used the clipboard function of the app before. To enable the notice, click on the slider or Turn on Clipboard button. Once you have done this, Gboard will start to keep a track of everything that you copy.

Move back to the Clipboard tab and click on any snippet to quickly paste it on the current text field. Within an hour Gboard will automatically delete the snippets. In case you want to keep certain snippets handy for a long time, long-press on them and select Pin. You can also clear the snippets manually before the hour is up by selecting Delete.

With Gboard’s smart suggestions, you will be able to see the text that you have recently copied in the top bar, enabling you to paste without fussing in the long-press menu.

How to Manage Clipboard on Samsung and Other Devices

How To Clear Clipboard on Android Samsung device, on long-pressing on a text field, a Clipboard bubble will appear. In case you do not find it, click on the three-dot menu on the bubble to see more options.

Click on Clipboard and you can get access to the last several items that you have copied. In the Samsung keyboard, you can select the three dots (or arrow, depending on the version) present on the top-right side of the keyboard to get access to additional functions. Select Clipboard and you can use the same panel of the latest copied items.

If you are using devices from other manufacturers, such as Motorola, you may get a similar clipboard functionality.

Other Useful Android Clipboard Tips

Be careful that whatever you have copied, is most likely to get lost in case you either restart or switch off your phone, before pasting it. Therefore, it is best to quickly paste the copied content before you forget that it is on the clipboard.

In case you either cut or copy a particular item and then try to cut or copy another item before you have pasted the first, your first copied text will get erased. Only one bit of text at a time can be pasted on Android’s clipboard.

Keep in mind that you can only cut a text if it is in a text entry field. If the text cannot be edited, as that in a web article, you can only copy it. However, if you are creating a new text message, you can cut the text that you are typing and paste it somewhere else.  

When you are reading an article and there you find a link to another article, and you want to copy that, you can click on that link, long-press in the URL bar, and then copy the URL. But a much faster way is to simply long-press on the original link itself and select the Copy link address. This method will work in most apps.

Apart from just links and texts, you can copy much more. Although it is possible to copy photos, the exact procedure for this depends on the app. In Chrome, long-pressing on an image opens up a menu in which a Copy image option is present. If you are using other apps, you may need to select the three-dot menu button keeping the image open and select Copy from there. 

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